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One of the rarest and most beautiful creatures in the known universe. Sexy doesn't even come close to describing this perfect specimen of a female. Her goddess like body will drive a sane man insane. There has been research done in this field with science to back up the results. If I could ever have sex with an Asta I would die a happy man. Her scent is enough to make a man ejaculate. Natural blonde but can wear any hair color and may have the urge to change it from time to time. Blue eyes that you can get lost in, literally, so never make eye contact. An Asta is the quintessential female that will never be met in comparison.
Did I just cum in my pants? That must have been an Asta that just walked by.
by Caleb Windham August 01, 2014
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Ásta is a girl you have never met before. Shes always there for you and she never lets anyone bully her best friends.

She doesn’t hang around in big popular groups. She usually hangs around with her only and closest friends.

She always puts herself first witch is important. She’s not afraid to show who’s the boss.

Her friends look up to her because she’s so beautiful and perfect. But she doesn’t know that. She’s an artist.

She thinks she can’t do anything and she’s pretty shy at first. But once you get to know her she always knows how to light the room. It’s awkward without her...

She can be pretty cringy though XD but that’s just her personality. Besides, her friends are cringy to.

She’s not that noticed by the boys, because they’re afraid of her. They’re afraid because she’s special. They are just bunch of pussys after all.

If you ever get to know a Ásta well, your a lucky son of a bitch.
Ásta is a name
by Drake-paisen-gells January 08, 2018
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The Asta is a sexual move in which a woman tries to give a man (rough) oral sex while he plays Dance Dance Revolution. This move works best if the two individuals are Lithuanian.
Guy 1: Yo, did your girlfriend try the Asta last night?

Guy 2: Yeah man, it was awesome. And I got a high score.

R.R. </3: Oh sorry, that was really me in a wig... (wait he doesn't even need one.)
by gorillawoman777 January 05, 2011
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The most awesome and charming person you shall ever meet
the name also means love (ÁST), and the warmth they have will have you in awe.
Ásta is the most awesome person I have ever met
by charmingboy March 08, 2010
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A brilliant norwegian girl, supposedly the most beautiful girl in the world.

She's usually a genius bro, friend, a perfect girlfriend, and a superb bacon-cook

An Asta usually have the most gorgeous eyes one has ever seen, and her laughs can make a boys knees go numb.
Person A: I saw this girl the other day, and I was completely stunned by her beauty!
Person B: I think you might have seen an Asta
Person A: Ah, that totaly makes sense!
by Iwritewithbottles December 05, 2011
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Cree word used in saskatchewan. Meaning Come here , very well known cree word. In Saskatoon even the non-cree people use it cause they cool like that
that one white boy who chills with all the natives "Astum bro"

one of his native bro's "aight dennn , whats up homie"
by breezybb420 August 16, 2011
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Using a hamburger to jerk someone off. You then eat the hamburger with the cum in it.
by Jodi Baines March 18, 2017
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