1. The positive emotions generated by the shaking / movement of the gluteus maximums muscles and hip flexors.
2. The scientific study of shaking one's ass as pertains to one's joyous feeling.
When you're feeling down, just use this asstitude to feel great again
by P1-UNIT September 22, 2019
An asstitude is used to describe someone who has the attitude of an asshole.
Heather has such an asstitude.
by pseudonym, aha April 18, 2009
A state of being, replete with personality tendencies so incredibly vile and off-putting that there is simply no other term for their level of social communication. A complete lack of anything even remotely resembling a clinical attitude (even a negative one).
"Bro, gimme a drink."
"Excuse me?"
"I SAID gimme a DRINK. It's fuckin' HOT."
"Dude, you need to check your asstitude at the door."
by Gregory Novak April 29, 2007
Someone whose attitude is always bad ass. Someone who is always into bad ass stuff like eating nails for breakfest.. without milk !
"You see the guy with the sunglasses riding the elephant while shooting another guy on a lion.. ?"

"Yeah they really have a bad asstitude"
"Haha cool word dude"
by Dansdude June 13, 2014
someone with a bad ass attitude and always mad or depressed
Chainnie has a asstitude omg i cant mess with her today bra.
by prettykittykarlee December 6, 2017