used to describe a person who is known to be the common asshole. 2. a person from the land of asses.
by J.Wood December 9, 2007
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It was total assholian of him to pull that shit on me.
by Anonymous April 6, 2003
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When a person says or does something in a manner reminiscent of a total fucking jerk because, they innately believe or have been told it is how they should act in order to score with someone of the opposite sex and they are just to stupid to realize that the behavior is not cool and that they are just being a complete asshole.
You have to understand that as women age they are looking for different types of men and that childish, over confident assholian behavior might work with even the under 35 set but, believe me it won't work with most women over 40.
by houstoncougar October 1, 2009
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1. A person who makes a complete ass of him or herself when they open their mouth. They can be commonly found on tv news channels such as CNBC
2. A wealthy capitalist hog.
Larry was an assholian to think coal could ever be a truly clean source of energy.
by Tahoian October 20, 2005
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the nature of an asshole. something that is done that only an asshole would do.
Cheating on her was really assholian of Peter!
by ExtremeMindChocolate November 4, 2009
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An asshole, but worst.
You stupid assholian, stop doing stupid things.
by Anonymous August 6, 2003
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