A male human being who does not care about you and cares only about himself. He is the kind of guy who tries not to care about a woman's emotions when it doesn't get him laid. He may feign feelings when a woman is on top of him however he is just using a practiced act. He is the kind of individual who asks you to text him and never texts back causing ridiculous amounts of frustration and confusion.

Assholes are often good looking and popular. This allows them to act as if the know the definition of cool and sexy and decide wether others fit this definition or not.

Deep down an asshole may be a sweet and good person but he is shallow, selfish and outwardly sexual which blocks off his good qualities. He remains however completely irresistible to a few people who foolishly forgive his behaviours and choose to see past them.

Similar to jerk
Girl 1: Why arn't you meeting up with Jake?
Girl 2: Because he asked me to hook up with him and then when I tried to set up a date he ignored me. In short he is an Asshole.
Girl 1: But you still like him?
Girl 2: Of course I do.
by Mad@Jake December 14, 2012
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In a job context, someone who is cruelly inflexible and shows no understanding or compassion toward the unfortunate circumstances of others.
Demanding that the grease trap be cleaned out, the asshole fast-food manager threatened to fire Stephan if he took off a couple of days to take his terminally ill daughter to the Mayo Clinic for hospice care.
by Vibesman May 13, 2009
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(n) a person with no regard for other peoples' feelings; the epidemy of a jerk; a prick; a completely self-centered individual; someone who isn't concerned with how their actions affect other people.

(n) The entrance to one's rectum; an exit-only orifice.
That guy was a real asshole. He shouldn't talk to you like that.

He kicked me right in the asshole!!!
by FellFromTheNest June 22, 2008
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A person, or thing that looks exactly like the hole of an ass, or acts like there is shit spewing out of their mouth

man Vincent is such an ASSHOLE! he grabbed my cock out of no where and ripped my balls off

that dog over there just pissed on my shoe, what an asshole!!

do you see how wide that guys mouth is?! what an asshole!!
by chya mamma December 8, 2008
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(1) The shit-stained orifice situated between the two halves of the gluteus maximus muscle. Its primary function is biological elimination, but humans occasionally abuse it for sodomy purposes.

(2) A human being, usually male, subjectively deemed to exemplify traits of the anatomic equivalent, usually due to obvious character flaws that cause emotional distress in others, or unprovoked aggressive behavior.

(3) The male equivalent of a "bitch," when "bitch" describes a woman displaying unwarranted aggressive behavior.
(1) "I took such a big dump that my asshole hurts."

"Due to the relatively weak structure of the asshole's surrounding tissues in comparison to the vagina, HIV is sometimes thought erroneously to be more contagious via anal sex."

(2) "You're such an asshole for telling that old lady to fuck herself."

"My ex-boyfriend is such an asshole, calling me 10 times a day."

(3) ::After nearly getting in a barfight:: "Let's get out of here, you don't have to deal with these assholes."
by inversewebster January 13, 2009
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A self-centered guy who steals girls first kisses then breaks their hearts.
"My ex-boyfriend is a real asshole! For he is the definition of asshole."
by MuffinBananaHammock January 20, 2007
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A person who bluntly asks, "Are you fucking retarded?" when everyone else just feels sorry for you and/or don't want to hurt your feelings. An asshole tends to be proud of their label and when called an asshole, will most likely have a comeback that clearly distinguishes them as an asshole but at the same time makes you look like a total idiot. They give a very frank commentary about the world around them, and are hated by many because they will point out a persons obvious character flaws, thus ending said persons fantasy of being the best. Assholes have much more honor than their counterparts, the douchebags in that they can be as mean, rude and inconsiderate as they want but still have friends to back them up, while despite the douchebags best efforts to seem cool will be hated inevitably. Befriending an asshole can be very beneficial because even though they will still make fun of you all the time it's more of a "poking-fun" type thing and are striving to make you a more socially acceptable person. In conclusion, assholes are an aquired taste; impossible to like at first, but once you learn that whatever one asshole says about you it's what 100 others are thinking they don't seem so bad. Assholes have a much more real view of the world than they get credit for because they don't sugarcoat and speak facts that many would rather ignore. If you think someone is an asshole, all that means is that they have shit on you and you don't have shit on them.
Douchebag: Hey asshole what's with that earring are you a fag or somethin lol and someone told me you went shopping at goodwill lol your like pretty lame lol

Asshole: Hey, douchebag, if this earring was in my right ear you might be onto something but it's not..and at least I'm not a fucking walking billboard with a tapout hat and dickies with a famous tattoo on my chest, I mean seriously are you fucking retarded, and I'm not the one who got too drunk at the football game and made out with the quarterback in the bathroom.

Douchebag: Uhhh errr what the fuck that was like 3 years ago u fuckin asshole...

Asshole: That's right.
by dontbesohardontheassholes November 16, 2009
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