(v.): When a group of powerful people use organizations and/or states under their control to actively persecute, marginalize or imprison a dissident, whistleblower or journalist by using psychological torture, false accusations and manipulating vagaries in the laws of the involved nations and international treaties (Lawfare) to silence the individual.

The desired effect is to dissuade others from following in their footsteps and take attention away from embarrassing information, corruption or high level crimes exposed or publicly opposed by the person targeted.
If you expose war crimes committed by the U.S. you risk being assanged.
by Eschatus February 29, 2020
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(v.): To prosecute somebody for one offence because you can't or won't prosecute them for what you actually want them convicted of; to charge somebody you believe has comitted a crime with the wrong offence.

Named in honour of Julian Assange, the first prominent case of Assanging.
Lawyer: "My client has been Assanged."

Press: "Police claim littering should be charged as more serious vandalism-type offences because it 'damages the street' but campaign groups say that is 'blatant Assanging'."

Defendant: "I did these things, your honour, I've not been framed - I've been Assanged!"

Judge: "In throwing out this case I must wonder why the prosecution believed they could Assange this man."
by TheScottishMafia December 08, 2010
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(n). A form of rash that develops following the waxing of body hair.
"I've got the this assange across my chest after my wax yesterday."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
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To engage in coitus using a condom, and to then openly leak into your partner once that condom has broken.
Everything was going well until I was imprudently assanged.
by Dr.Transparent December 14, 2010
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(v). To open a drink.
"Here, let me assange that beer for you."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
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(v). To function correctly.
"It's so damn hot and my air conditioner won't assange."
by Ulupna January 19, 2012
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