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When your doing a girl doggy style and you put your thumb in her ass giving her the old shocker until you blow your load. When she turns around you bless her with your thumb by putting a shit stained cross on her forehead.
Bless you my child for you are the perfect women. I bless thee with the ass wednesday for all your hard work and undying devotion to the cause of me getting off. Where the ass wednesday as a sign that you are my and no other dick shall come close to your ass.
by Big Pimpin / Sick Rick January 16, 2004
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On Ash Wednesday, anal-fuck your partner into oblivion. Just before you let loose your goo, pull out,
spin her around, and let it loose in her eyes. Then, wipe your shit-covered dick across her forehead
in the sign of the cross. The result is an observant beeyotch, blinded by your religious experience.
Bless you my child.
This is self explanitory.
by Dro November 18, 2004
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When Valentines Day happens to fall on a Wednesday and you are single and looking. Not to be confused with Ash Wednesday.
There’s gonna be a lot of single ass out tonight. It’s gonna be a great Ass Wednesday!
by TheRedneckGumshoe February 15, 2018
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Ass Wednesday- a step in ATM where the man marks the sign of the cross on the female’s forehead using the poop on the tip of his dick.
Had to give her an “Ass Wednesday” because there was shit on my dick when I pulled out of her butt last night.
by M Dot Cully March 25, 2011
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A visible streak of shit on one's forehead. This occurs when you give someone Arabian Goggles (placing your balls in their eye sockets). While performing such a maneuver, you're asshole can contact that persons forehead. If you did a shitty job of wiping your ass, you can leave a skid mark on their forehead. This mark closely resembles the ash that is placed on the foreheads of Catholics on Ash Wednesday. So, hence the name Ass Wednesday!
Dude, I tea bagged this bitch last night. When I finished, I realized I gave her a major Ass Wednesday! Did you tell her? Hell no, I bagged ass!
by Bagmister2 July 13, 2011
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1.When you put your thumb up your butt and then wipe it on your partner's forehead in the shape of a cross.
2. The day when somebody puts their thumb up their butt and then wipe it on their partner's forehead in the shape of a cross.
1.I gave J.R an ass wednesday while he was sleeping. I wonder if the priest will notice.
2. It must be ass wednesday, Jon and Shane have those brown crosses on their foreheads.
by fezkin August 29, 2006
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When your on top of a girl doing a 69 you put your asshole on her forehead and give her a shit stained cross.
She didn't go to mass on ash Wendsday to I gave her an Ass Wednesday as punishment
by Sick Rick January 14, 2004
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