Ass Goblin. A thin typically loud douche bag that sits next to me in class.

"He's an Ass Goblin!" "Who?" "Higdon!"
"He's an Ass Goblin!" "Who?" "Higdon!"
by Doc111 August 11, 2009
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The art of a straight man indulging in the fine art art of anal sex with either a man or a woman.A fetish or obession.A person that loses all sense of pride when it comes to ass.
The other night Don and I went drinking,got wasted and passed out back at Don's.I woke up in the morning with a unplesant surprise of Don trying to push his jell-o like dick in my ass.Upon explanation Don confessed he can't help himself he is a ass goblin and just likes ass of all kinds.
by Jellybabyking November 15, 2005
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a mythical creature usually found around the festive Halloween season. Is known to jump out of bushes and scare little kids with a rank smell. Usually worshiped by fags and demented people. Rumored to have an idol fashioned to look like someone's butt crack. Beware of and stay clear or rank smelling places or establishments that fags are known to frequent.
Watch out kiddies the assgoblins will be out tonight. Hey fella how bout we go find us some assgoblins for dates. What's that smell? there must be a assgoblin around here somewhere.
by Liberace was gay July 11, 2011
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someone troll-like who takes advantage of unsuspecting youngsters by violating their butts. one works at the WWU fairhaven cafeteria.
damn, that troll is an ass-goblin!

"WHAAAAAAAT DOOOOO YOUUUU WAAAAANT?!" said the troll before she ass-goblined me.
by pooter-face snatch-queen May 13, 2003
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