Critters that squirm inside of the your rumpus crack, and live to their lives content. They live inside your flabby ass untill their shit overwhelms your insides and you turn gay and hump everything in site. Now the word 'Ass Goblin' isn ot a word ot be used by the light-hearted. Be careful, it will eat you up with all itsm ight
1. Your fat reminds me of the ass goblin i bumped up my butt.
2. you are a nasty Ass Goblin who only loves himself and the poo of others.
by Lukas Mary May 17, 2004
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1- A shit stain or stray shit when one doesn't wipe their ass properly.

2-A piece of shit
This is the last time I do your laundry. Your underwears are full of assgoblins.

Damn, flush the toilet, man! You left an assgoblin in there.
by William Gilson August 29, 2006
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Usually a physically and mentally weak individual who finds thier only pleasure in making unintelligent cracks on other people.
That kid Derek talking smack about people is such an assgoblin.
by MPC October 25, 2003
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Joel Vincent. A poop eater that enjoys putting his finger in his butt.
Quiksilvr2186 - assgoblin screenname
by I am hung like a gerbil. July 10, 2004
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a goblin that hails from the nether regions of people's underside. Enjoys spelunking in the cavernous regions of old men.
Dude, an ass goblin just popped out of my ass.
by Steve Mobeve November 11, 2004
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