literally not a single problem with anyone ever. can't find a nicer dude. get yourself an Askin.

Bruce's love child
Askin is amazing isn't he. Yeah everyone loves Askin
by olvrmn November 27, 2022
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(Replaces cruizin’ for a bruisin’) When someone is constantly pushing one’s patience to the point of physical violence.
“Did you just do that again after me telling you not to over a hundred times?! You’re really askin’ for a Baskin!”
by gxg9740 October 5, 2020
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A general statement intended to boost self pride. Don't trust anyone who says this.
"I can't believe you slept with my mum!"
"Whos askin."
"....untrustworthy wanka."
by Alex Quantashassle May 30, 2005
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girl who isn't tiktok famous yet lol :)
u know leyla askin?
no is she famous?
not yet!
by thatwhiteturkishgirl June 4, 2020
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Askin is a very rare name.
Askin is a very lazy guy in school even though hes very intelligent.
Every Askin on planet is very hot
He's a rare guy you find, may be retarted but accept him, he's a true friend.
He's always on your side if he knows your not abusing him.
Anyways Askin is so hot and amazing yeah
If an Askin isn't lazy he can be smarter than 80% of the world
Askin i love you your better than lucien
by SirSpuzure June 1, 2020
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