someone who continually asks for your advice then chooses to go against it
ive told her 4 times already and she still hasn't learned. she is such an askhole.
by chip'd October 21, 2018
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Someone in your office (or other venue) constantly asks stupid questions.
Me: Damn, that bitch Susan is such an askhole.

You: Why's that?

Me: She keeps asking me dumbfuck questions!
by InterwebFanatic March 4, 2011
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Another word for asshole, used when you don't want to use the actual term.
"Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't have said that, I'm such an askhole."

"Chrissy, stop being such an askhole!"
by Barefoot Busdriver May 18, 2009
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those people who demand that you explain, prove, or provide evidence, or cites, etc, to an idea you are presenting... but then when you DO provide information to read, watch, listen to, they REFUSE (ignore-ance?) to review the information, because they were being DISHONEST about being open to the truth, or even willing to respectfully review the information which THEY DEMEANINGLY DEMANDED of you.
When i showed Fredbob the proof of the theory that he demanded of me, he REFUSED to read it like a total askhole (true definition).
by etyrnal July 10, 2015
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ASKHOLE: The person who wants to request songs of you WHILE you are performing live music.

noun Vulgar.
a stupid, mean, or contemptible person.

Slang. stupid, mean, or contemptible.
This drunk LIVE MUSIC ASKHOLE not only screamed requests for a completely non-related genre of music (ex: band currently playing Howling Wolf and LIVE MUSIC ASKHOLE is screaming for Dave Matthews Band) while the singer songwriter bandleader musician multi-instrumentalist did his best to not make eye contact, she actually tried to grab the microphone out of his hand. When escorted away from the stage she is livid, mumbling and cursing as if she has been wronged.
by tiacorinnahd June 19, 2018
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a person that asks an excessive amount of questions to the point that its extremely annoying.
“oh, my gosh! jane doe is being such an askhole! her questions are bothering me!”
by minions_kissing May 8, 2022
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Someone who won't stop asking stupid, idiotic questions.
Jimmy: "Hey! What's your fave color? What tv show do you like best? DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?!?!

Mia: Jimmy, stop being such a askhole.
by Lightning Phoenix November 21, 2015
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