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Take It Up The Arse
Does she tiuta? Do you tiuta? Let's all tiuta.
I know she tiuta.
by Raggle Frock July 16, 2011

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The type of person who is always asking for advice, yet never takes it, preferring to fart around and waste everybody's time, often doing the totally contrary thing to the advice given.
Jeremy is such an askhole - he came for advice on this and ignored my years of experience; as a result, he lost a packet.
by Raggle Frock July 20, 2015

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Used car or motorcycle that's been around the block a few times, but is still serviceable enough.

The term possibly has its origins in a TV programme featuring Mike Brewer, who used it in the mid-90s, but it could date back further than that.
"I saw Jimmy driving his latest old snotter the other day, by crap, it wasn't half burning some oil."
by Raggle Frock January 27, 2013

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The online editor of an urban dictionary who is so up themselves they can't see past their own arsehole.
Man, he was such an urbandickarse he wouldn't approve a really useful word because it offended him, the twat.
by Raggle Frock January 13, 2013

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