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Asjad is an Arabic girls name which means gold, jewel, something valuable and priceless.

Usually Asjad's are kind and thoughtful but darken if you get on they're bad side.
Asjad is a girl with alot of power and high confidence.
My mom bought an expensive necklace made of Asjad.
by Cash Moneyxx July 31, 2016
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Asjad is a name commonly used in Sudan, asjads are very kind hearted girls who can make anyone laugh. They have a lot of ups and downs and are very dramatic, but they are great people to have around, Asjad are usually small to medium height with very loud voices and sometimes they have attitude issues, but they try hard when they want to, they tend to be fairly popular and good friends with boys, they are very moody and they have a very loving family ❤️
“Omg see that girl”

“Yeah bruv

“She’s a peng ting
“Must be an Asjad fam innit
by Nandoswiththemandem August 10, 2019
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Asjad is a boy name originated from South Asia or Arabia and the are good friends.They will destroy you in fortnite.
Oh hey the asjad will kill me in fortnite
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