Ayesha is the most beautiful girl you will ever come by. She will amaze you with her sense of humor and her ability to brighten your day with a click of a button. She looks like an angel who has come down to earth and no girl could ever compare with her. Ayesha is also a girl with many flaws. She may seem perfect when you first meet her but you soon realize her little quirks and imperfections which make you love her 100x more. If you are a boy like me and have had the blessing to have a Ayesha in his life. DO NOT LET HER GO you will strongly regret it if you do.
I have an Ayesha in my life and I love her so much <3 you are the girl of my dreams Ayesha
by ayesha cutie April 10, 2019
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is a girl's name, which means 'she who lives' or 'vivacious' or 'life'.

It traces back to Arabia, when according to pagan culture girls were buried alive at their birth. The few who survived this hideous practice were named 'Ayesha'/'Aisha'/'Aysha'/'Aicha'.
is also the name of a reverred Muslim woman, Ayesha binte Abu Bakr, wife of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
is also a name of the song by the band Outlandish.
person a: Ayesha, your name's in urbandictionary!
person b: you serious? FINALLY some meaning which makes sense!
by shewholives December 27, 2009
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ayesha is a flying sea star fish. Ayeshas fly from 2:30 am-3:58am. this sea star fish are extremely rare & they live in Antarctica. if you find an Ayesha, you will get a lot of good luck.
by earthbender12345 April 28, 2012
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fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and awesome... (note: not just one BOTH)
tonight is gonna be ayeeeeeeeeesha
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a hella sweet person... shes a skater hardcore chick ;)

"I like to get freaky with it 24/7"- ayesha
awwww way to be an ayesha
by simply saurabh February 11, 2008
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