The Best girls on the planet. Hot, sexy, loyal, sexy, I'm actually getting a boner typing this.
Asian Girls are hot.
by Mr. Zimpy January 15, 2010
The best type of girl there is. Considered more attractive than the average Caucasian girl. Your average Asian girl has strait, black, silky hair; beautiful, almond shaped eyes; a warm skin tone; and a perfect, lean figure. A lot of Asian girls lack cartilage (rubbery tissue simaler to bone) in their noses, which causes it to look flat, or, "squished" (I think it looks cute ;). They're stereotyped to have no breasts, but you can rest assured that this is false. Just like any other race, there are, sadly, girls who just never developed a chest. Anyway, most Asian girls are very patient, and hard to piss off. If you get the chance to date one, for God sakes don't push your luck. If you make one cry, you'll never forgive yourself. I PROMISE YOU THAT. Well anyway, I personally love Asian girls and think they should be treated with respect. Their the best women you could ever ask for.
An Asian is someone who is of Asian decent. When someone refers to an Asian person, they usually mean someone with ancestry from eastern Asia: China, Japan, Korea, etc.

Asian girls just rock!
Girls from Asia. The Female species from Asia. A woman from Asia.
They are asian girls.
by Unicorn_Poop3017 February 18, 2016
The best looking women on Earth. Make great wives, great sex, usually not as slutty as white girls, can cook good food, and make white girls undesirable in comparison.
White Girl: John, ever since you got back from your vacation to Japan, I noticed you've been avoiding me. Why?

John: Because I realized how slutty and ugly you are compared to asian girls, GTFO
by Zacky Wacky January 19, 2008
Women from east Asia who are very beautiful,elegant, reserved, and intelligent. Contrary to popular belief, some of them DO have boobs AND a butt (not all of them, but a fair amount of them do). They have straight, soft, and silky black hair.
by kazewoubete April 29, 2007
A female human as viewed by Americans to be of descent from an Asian country. (For instance, Japan or China.) Typically considered to be hotter than the average Caucasian girl, as viewed mostly by horny men...
Mors277 should learn how to spell before posting a definition that looks like a 4-year-old asian girl wrote it.
by Torbjørn May 19, 2007
(1) a young woman from Asia

(2) A figment of the collective non-Asian imagination; people who appear to have heritage from a country within the continent of Asia, and as a result are subject to a slew of stereotypes from people around the world including (but not limited to) being exotic, innocent, submissive, brainy, hyper sexual, short, good at math, skinny, or foreign

(3) An identity created by people who appear to be of Asian descent, because no matter where they go outside of Asia they are perceived to be of an exotic homogeneous race; a term often used by Asian Americans to unify for political, social or economic purposes

(4) one of the most commonly searched terms adjacent to "porn"
(1) A: Did you meet anyone interesting at the party?
B: Yes, I met an Asian girl who just arrived from the Philippines.

(2) A: (walking up to a girl with straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls.
B: I'm Colombian.


A: (walking up to a girl with straight black hair and almond-shaped eyes) I love Asian girls.
B: You mean you love all the women from the dozens of countries in Asia who all have different cultures, languages, governments and economies? That's nice. I'm from the U.S.


A: I didn't study for the math test!
B: Just cheat off the Asian girl, Chung Lee. She has to be smart.


Puff Daddy: "My aim is winnin got Asian women that’ll change my linen after I done blazed and hit'em."

(3) I like to be around other Asian girls so I'm going to join an Asian sorority.


The Asian American Journalists Association created a scholarship for Asian girls who have bright futures in the media.


The Organization of Chinese Americans condemns hate crimes against Asian girls.

(4) One of the most popular search terms in 2007 was "porn Asian girl hardcore."
by momochacha February 26, 2008