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A really sultry sex kitten, who is vicious in bed and has a great personality otherwise. Someone who makes a huge difference just by breathing and being alive.

An individual with a fat ass.
Steve: Did you see Ashu?
Jim: With an ass like that, she's hard to miss.
by hottttshit May 17, 2010
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A common nick name in Europe and Asia.most often given to people whose names start with A but otherwise as well.

usually the name given to friendly,funny,kind,caring,hot and helpful and out going people.

it is a nick name usually given by friends or co workers as a replacement for a longer name.Or a pet name given at home.

pronounced as aashu with a higher stress on the syllable of A.
hi i am ashesh
hey so do you mind if i call you ashu
by towerofpisa February 23, 2009
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An Ethiopian, masculine first name that's also used in India and Pakistan, it's slang for "swift one" in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. Whenever you see a fast guy, it's an Ashu. Commonly used to refer to the best track or cross country player in high school, college, etc.
Mike: "Hey, did you see Ashu run?"

Geoff: "Yeah, he cleared he mile in 6 minutes!"
by DigitalPlayground June 21, 2011
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a person who gets drunk with one glass of alcoholic punch and shouts at his friends.

a person who blurts out friends secrets while he's influnced by couple of cans of beer and denies doing such a thing.

ass, arse
why are you acting such an ashu
stop being an ashu
you are an ashu
by a simple boy April 04, 2010
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