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If used as a mans name....
One of the sexiest men on earth
Very wise and intelligent
Goal oriented sets a lot of goals and is a very determined individual
Put on this earth only for someone with the name Jasmine

Very successful

Very masculine
chick 1-"Wow, that guy is so hot"
chick 2-"Yes he is, his name must be Ashle!"
by London Renee February 03, 2010
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A hoe. Sucks a lot of dick and loves taking it in the ass. Dick is her favorite thing in the world and she's fucked every living guy on earth. She doesn't care how old he is or what his size is as long as she gets dick. She's extremely annoying and extra and does a lot of things for attention. Although she is a hoe she is also a big pussy and is scared of everything.
EVERYONE: UGH! Ashle is so fucking retarded. She's such a fucking hoe.
ASHLE: OMG. No I am not! * goes to cry and do self harm in restroom *
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by FACTS 101 April 14, 2017
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