a name for people whos mother never loved them.
ME: Hi asa
Asa starts crying in a distant corner
by SAVE BITCH September 21, 2018
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The ugliest person you have ever met. A weird person.
Oh that person, he’s such a Asa
by Logic4894&3 March 02, 2019
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She’s a very selfisih person never will go somewhere in live , hates seeing people happy , always gotta ruin there mood she stays saying she misses you but then when she got u don’t want u a person who’ll waste your time , a person who has no heart a person who never stays loyal just a trash ass person in general. She’s the type of person to waste your time for fun the type of person to leave you for a guy then try to come back the type of person who will hurt you :/
Asa can’t let someone be happy
by Kooolsarsjsj June 25, 2019
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