Starcraft commentator and avid lover of puns, fruit, vegetables, guinea pigs, Pokemon, and anything that remotely peaks his interest whenever he is commentating a professional live broadcast of Starcraft instead of actually, you know, talking about the game.
This dude loves vegetables and Pokemon way too much, it's making me uncomfortable.

Me too dude, reminds me of that one time I tried to watch a Starcraft match and Artosis was commentating.
by PeoplesssChamp December 6, 2010
A StarCraft: Brood War and StarCraft II progamer and announcer that is smart, attractive, good-looking, handsome, wise, and well liked. Artosis can be used as an adjective describing someone who is an avid fan of the Zerg race.
Artosis is a balla.

Artosis just lost to a mothership rush.

Wow, that Artosis nerd is in love with Zerg and July.

Artosis gamers like to think Zerg is not overpowered.
by DIGstarcraft December 3, 2010
Popular Starcraft player and commentator and maybe the biggest fag on the planet.
Did you what GFL this year? Who was that commentator, what a fag.

His name is faggo... I mean Artosis
by SCDizzle November 30, 2010
A single pylon from the game Starcraft 2 that is the sole pylon powering 2 or more protoss structures.
Man that terran really only needs to attack the Artosis Pylon to essentially win this game.
by Imjorman May 17, 2011
A single pylon powering many key structures.
I roach busted his front and he had an artosis pylon so it was an easy win.
by SovietSnipes May 24, 2011
a single pylon responsible for powering all production in a protoss base.
Yo destroy that artosis pylon and its gg.
by sensesfail3d June 4, 2011
Artosis Pylon: (n) A single pylon responsible for powering all production in a protoss base.
A video where you'll be able to watch Artosis pylon in action.
by nyk0 May 29, 2011