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Arshdeep means Sun/Moon because if you break arshdeep down you'll find meaning of arsh which is "sky" in punjabi and deep means "candle", put them togather you get candle of sky so that means sun or moon!

Normally Sikhs keep names like Arsh or Arshdeep
your Arshdeep " heavon " & "sky"
people might say this to u because your very hard to reach and very high type person!

by <Baybe Arsh> Seksy Rockstar February 17, 2009
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NAN that plays football at night and sucks his friends on their bikes
Damn did you see that ARSHDEEP back there, he was going heavy on his boys
by John Maryland May 31, 2010
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the sex god all the bitches want him inside of them

they suck the butter chicken glaze clean
oh arsh deep geme the fat butter chicken glazed cock i want it all daddy
by arsh deep June 03, 2018
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