Someone who will do anything to impress a certain person, even if they make a fool out of themselves.
"Hey Joe, let me tie your shoelace for you!"

"What an arse licker."
by milldotarmy March 16, 2009
Someone who ingratiates themeselves. See brown nose
by -db- August 12, 2003
An annoying person who is constantly sucking up to others
Arse-licker: "oooh rebecca you are sooo cool"

Person: "shut up you arse-licker!"
by MattieFattie June 10, 2008
One who engages the practice of licking someone else's arse.
Jack is an arse licker, because he licks peoples arses.
by Guy Who Laughs At Fatties August 12, 2009
somebody thats lick arse, always does what somebody else tells them too.
cant shove there tongue up there arse any further than it is
omg your such an arse licker
andrew always licks vicky's arse wat a fuckin arse licker
ave u got ya tongue out yet
by rudie dudie princess April 25, 2010
A person who is willing to ingratiate him/ herself to a supeior to advance their carreer /schooling even though they trually believe the superior is an arse hole.
Superior can I arse licker you because I think you are wonderful?

Why not because I have run out of toilet paper and i will see to your promotion.
by JAJBP July 8, 2017