6 definitions by JAJBP

Awkwardness in a Group. Speaking when one should be silent and being silent when one should contribute.
Group in a pub
I fancy that girl over there
Yea go for it
Is rather cold outside
Getting hot here you are socially inept
What does that mean, its around 7 degress outside.
by JAJBP July 8, 2017
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To leave one brains behind during a discussion of substance.
What is 2 + 2 you mindless moron?

Sorry you were saying?
by JAJBP July 8, 2017
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A day of relaxation interrupted by frequent bouts of binge drinking, pub crawling, increasing visits to the toilet, punctuated by casual screams and groans, ending up sleeping on the floor nexT to the bed snoring and fully clothed.
Leta go pissing around this weekend for a change?

Yes i need that relaxation
by JAJBP July 8, 2017
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Innate ability to add to a boring conversation
I am on fire so i think i have been set alight by a platitude
by JAJBP July 6, 2017
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A person who is willing to ingratiate him/ herself to a supeior to advance their carreer /schooling even though they trually believe the superior is an arse hole.
Superior can I arse licker you because I think you are wonderful?

Why not because I have run out of toilet paper and i will see to your promotion.
by JAJBP July 8, 2017
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The practice of having two dates in close proximity without either of the knowing the existence of the other
Tonight im going to be tired because im having co dates one for dinner and one for a drink in the bar next door. I willl them i have stomach problems so i can move from one to the other
by JAJBP July 6, 2017
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