When i person pulls down there trousers and rubs their bare ass on someone's face, generally ensuring that their nose is up their ass crack. Sometimes a person will just sit on their face, and not move, getting full ass sniffage.
I'm going to give jack an arse face and shove his nose up my ass crack
by chafing July 11, 2008
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Some whose face resembles a someone's backside; a horrible looking person.
God bless that man; with a face like an arse and an arse like a face, he's a bonafide arse face.
by Sean Scrivener January 30, 2005
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someone who is undeniably ugly; someone who's face resembles a hairy ass.
by capn t March 25, 2005
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Any know nothing asshole that would rather suck cock than learn anything of value.
An ignorant cocksucking asshole like you is incappable of learning anything, you arse faced cum dribbler!
by Spiderwilliams April 27, 2020
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A person with a particularly visually unappealing face, such that the accuser has likened it to an arse.

A person that you would assume has had a transplant operation, based on the fact that their face looks like an arse.
Ya arse-face transplant recipient.
by pattopancakes October 6, 2008
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"The whole bloody Tori Party is completely arse about face!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 11, 2005
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