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Coonga is a initiation rite to become a member of a tribe in Kenya. If invited into the tribe you can except and go through the initiation or you can choose death.
Do us the honor of joining our tribe and recieve coonga!
by Spiderwilliams May 3, 2022
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Someone shooting his mouth off and not having a clue. Hes shooting jizz from his mouth like a firehose.
by Spiderwilliams April 27, 2020
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An insult or curse usually what you say to a friend. Heard often in the 1970's and before. Get bent is what you hope will be inflicted upon the person you say it to. Physically it's a penis that gets damaged during rough sex or rape and becomes misshapen. Medically known as pyrones syndrome.
by Spiderwilliams October 23, 2019
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Any know nothing asshole that would rather suck cock than learn anything of value.
An ignorant cocksucking asshole like you is incappable of learning anything, you arse faced cum dribbler!
by Spiderwilliams April 27, 2020
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Dork. A dork is a whale penis. So if you call someone a dork, you are really saying what a big dick they are.
You are the biggest Dork I have ever seen!
by Spiderwilliams October 23, 2019
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It doesn't matter how hard you try or how good you are at doing it, the bear is dead, so nothing's going to happen.
We tried our best but lost to a superior team. That blows dead bears dude!
by Spiderwilliams March 2, 2022
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