Another term for archery. Often used by people who forget the word archery.
Person A: I went arrowing on the weekend, with my bow and arrow.

Person B: You mean you did archery?

Person A: No I meant arrowing
by Asc1 October 18, 2013
Like Herrowing but Arrowing (Arrows attacking you - Quite intense)
George:How was it Ringo?
Ringo: Arrowing...
by LookAtJohnWillJa August 16, 2010
To be attacked by flighted projectiles. A term coined by Strong Bad of Homestarrunner fame in one of his weekly e-mails.
Trogdor the Burninator was arrowed by the archers as he tried to burninate the peasants.
by uclafalcon March 18, 2003
1. To fall under misfortune or embarassment, usually suddenly, or un-expected. Especially if you have a crush on EVERY boy.

2. May cause you to exclaim, "OW! My SKIN!"
I was walkin in the mall and seen a cute boy. As I watched him, and him me, I FELL in front of him, and EVERYBODY. ARROWED!

I like Ethan, and Kyle, and James, and Brett Bretterdson.....ARROW'D!
by Astrodisiac January 17, 2006
A wooden rod with a sharp, pointed metal tip usually fired from bows.

Has the tendency to gravitate towards knees, especially knees of those who are in the midst of an occuption, event, or condition.
by Oheyson December 10, 2011
A TV show on CW based on the DC character "Green Arrow".
Hey, did you see the newest episode of Arrow?
by kalch1862 December 28, 2015
Every adventurers worst nightmare. Protect your knees from the onslaught of arrows, or else you will become a city guard who won't help anyone because you'll think someone stole their sweet rolls.
Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow-
Boromir: In the knee? Must have been awful.
Leonidas: Shut up. Both of you.
by Intelligence001 July 26, 2016