Arora is a loving girl. She finds anyway to make some one sad , happy. She is innocent. She takes time for you out of her day. She cares for the most stupidest people and still yet is okay at the end of the day. Very moody. Drop dead gorgeous and yet super smart. Has always been innocent and does everything she possibly can even when she don't want to. She is really nice. She always hates drama. Be nice to her because you would always want to be friends with her she puts other in front og her before taking care of herself. She loves every single person she meets. Wants to make people happy each and every day. She is really a good person. She will say stupid things but make sense. Trust me you'll get her.
Dang is that Arora.

Yah I think.

Welp I'm talking to her.
by Walletbros7452 October 29, 2018
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Beautiful loving girl . never selfish . gods daughter of desire . any one may ask for help yes is the answer trys everything on her own and trys again to succeed in life always . Finds help when needs it !
" Have you seen Arora , I wish i was like her so smart , kind , and Beautiful "
by Lovekissrockparty April 06, 2017
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Arora is the name of a rare species of homosexual mountain goat. Their characteristics include excessive chasing of their own stool trail, and eating it afterwards. They display an innate tendency towards mayo.
"Did you see that guy drinking all the mayo? He is such a fucking Arora."
by superdoggy5000 October 31, 2013
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This girl is so perfect and she doesn’t even know it. There isn’t one good quality that she does not possess. Apart from being really smart and talented, she’s also super nice, sweet and caring. She literally unhateable- you can’t hate her. She might think that she has countless flaws but there isn’t a single flaw that outshines all of the amazing things about her. If you know a Ria Arora, never let go of her because a girl like her is pretty rare.
I wish all people were like Ria Arora.
Are you Ria Arora? Because seem to be perfect.
I once spent 10 minutes with Ria Arora. Best 10 minutes of my life.
by riaarorasbiggestfan January 13, 2021
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A pretty, hot and smart girl with a great sense of style and is an angel sent from heaven
Do you know Rayna Arora, she is a goddess
by Aditya das August 08, 2019
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Read this out loud. The cutest girl ever who deserves the best Valentine’s Day ever :) when you’re reading this I hope that it’ll make your heart warm when I pull up outta nowhere with some boujee ass shit. Kk I love you so much. Do a countdown. 3....2....1...
Saniya Arora is gonna get the best surprise ever!
by Surpriseeeeesketit February 08, 2019
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This name belongs to a girl who is probably one of the best people in the whole world. There are very few adjectives in the English language that can clearly describe her qualities but she is smart, talented, sweet, friendly, caring, and just the right amount of crazy. She can surprise you with her ability to stay active without a single minute of sleep but sleep deprivation does make her jokes a lot lamer than usual. She hates the way she laughs but it is kind of cinematic even though it's a little weird. If you are one of the 890 friends she has, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on Earth because she will always have time for you no matter how busy she is. Lastly, she very obviously has a type A personality but she still manages to be a little fun when she should be and is usually ready to do crazy lame things.
Ria Shanta Arora doesn't have an attitude like other girls.
Wait, you like Ria Shanta Arora? Well, everyone does; get in line!
How are you so perfect, is your name Ria Shanta Arora?

Ria Shanta Arora, why is life unfair sometimes?
by iamayushpleasecomebacktome January 12, 2021
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