Arora is the name of a rare species of homosexual mountain goat. Their characteristics include excessive chasing of their own stool trail, and eating it afterwards. They display an innate tendency towards mayo.
"Did you see that guy drinking all the mayo? He is such a fucking Arora."
by superdoggy5000 October 31, 2013
This girl is so perfect and she doesn’t even know it. There isn’t one good quality that she does not possess. Apart from being really smart and talented, she’s also super nice, sweet and caring. She literally unhateable- you can’t hate her. She might think that she has countless flaws but there isn’t a single flaw that outshines all of the amazing things about her. If you know a Ria Arora, never let go of her because a girl like her is pretty rare.
I wish all people were like Ria Arora.
Are you Ria Arora? Because seem to be perfect.
I once spent 10 minutes with Ria Arora. Best 10 minutes of my life.
by riaarorasbiggestfan January 13, 2021
A pretty, hot and smart girl with a great sense of style and is an angel sent from heaven
Do you know Rayna Arora, she is a goddess
by Aditya das August 8, 2019
Khushi Arora is a word used to describe a special person. If you are lucky enough to come across her, trust me your life would get a lot better.

She is one of the most caring people who always manages to make everyone around her smile.

No matter what, she always manages to pull herself up through any situation because of how strong she is. Khushi is the definition of confidence!

She is the perfect balance between being responsible and having the right amount of crack head energy.

I want all Khushi Arora's to know that they are truly loved and appreciated by the people around them :)
I wish I had a Khushi Arora in my life
Damn, you just pulled a Khushi Arora
by yourannoyingsymbifriend January 31, 2022
An elite student of KKG, examplary for her classmates.

Someone who likes jumping on trampolines, and that you will miss.
She's definitely an Arora KKG, she's gorgeous but she jumps quite alot
by Arora fan October 9, 2020
Read this out loud. The cutest girl ever who deserves the best Valentine’s Day ever :) when you’re reading this I hope that it’ll make your heart warm when I pull up outta nowhere with some boujee ass shit. Kk I love you so much. Do a countdown. 3....2....1...
Saniya Arora is gonna get the best surprise ever!
by Surpriseeeeesketit February 9, 2019