Nicknamed "Kevin". He will have to challenge a Noah for greatness (Noah will win). He is funny, but super dumb. What are his dreams? We will never know because he has no brain to create dream at night. Sorry Kevin.....
No I'm not:)
Noah:: What's up Kevin?
Armand::You know my name isn't Kevin!!!
by Mel Rodrigo November 21, 2018
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very fun,you can always trust him,he tends to be good looking,funny,nice,likes to party alot with there friends,when they have a best friend they stay friends for life they tend to only have one best friend but lots of other friends but mostly one best friend.
armand a fun person
by marieeea July 7, 2009
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the late brother of M.C. Hammer. Equally as famous for his popular brand of baking soda.
M.C. and his brother Armand ate sugar.
by Haward Malarmalaid September 17, 2007
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“Armande” Female. Armande means, Strong, regal, Warrior and Army Man.
Armande is smart, strong and loyal. Likes to share her knowledge. Very open, spontaneous and up for any challenge.

She doesn’t show affection freely until she gets to know you.

Armandes saying “I couldn’t love you if I didn’t respect you.”
by Tiasphyre December 3, 2020
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Armands a Latvian Name
Armands had sex with his girlfriend
by big nigga john September 1, 2018
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1. Armand is defined in the spanish dictionary as a person who is annoying and often referred to as a piece of poo that won't flush.
2. The coolest of cool people to ever touch the face of the earth.
1. Stop being an Armand!
2. Wow, I wish I was an Armand.
by Armandooo September 4, 2006
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International civil servant, achieving good work in Geneva even though he doesn't admit it: "I dunno how these people can be satisfied with my work". Has good sense of humour but his best jokes come from his friend and spiritual master Feline. Friendly, generous, this slim and little tortured man could be a real friend if you are from the South like him.
I would like to drink some rosé with lopez-armand in a hot spot of the french riviera and wath the girls walking by the café.
by Feline September 12, 2003
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