A nickname for God, having derived in Miami. Its origins are most likely from Saint Amand, a Roman Catholic saint from France (c. 584-675). "Armand Hirsch" is frequently described as an arranger of all things. Although the term still enjoys a loyal, strict constructionist following, some members of the younger generation have chosen to elevate Hirsch to the status of an imaginary joke hero, similar to Chuck Norris. "Armand Hirsch" is frequently substituted for Chuck Norris within such jokes.

... arranged by Armand Hirsch.

There is no 'ctrl' button on Armand Hirsch's computer. Armand Hirsch is always in control.
by NFAA January 27, 2009
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A cool and open minded person travelling all over the world and spreading great ideas even though a little bit cynical.
I saw Lopez-Armand downtown yesterday, I almost fainted.
by Brett Fitz September 8, 2003
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someone who always talks about themselves and doesnt shut up about how nice he thinks he is. and always talks about how expensive his items area and is addicted to CHAT ROULETTE!
by Karly C June 14, 2010
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what is that??
-looks like armand hakim!
what is that?
by anonymous london August 23, 2011
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Armand is a adjective that can be used for describing an adventurous man... when the adventure is related to The brown eye. It is also used sometimes as a name, even if it is definitly showing a lack of taste. You don't call your son "someone-that-love-to-try-some-experiences-with his-anus"...
Whoo this guy really put a baseball bat in his bung... He's really an Armand. !
by Boooom!!! August 30, 2019
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Armand will get together with your cousin and continue to stomp on your feelings. He tells you he will rape you on the daily and asks every God damn girl for nude pictures.
Don't be like Armand
Shut up Armand
by Iaminlohebwizhyoumomma March 27, 2022
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