A giant fleet of warships or battle-tanks or something of the sort. Usually seen in alien sci-fi movies or futuristic movies. Several examples in Star Wars
in Star Wars when the Jedi are fighting enemy armadas of space ships driven by droids.
by Masquerade Zero July 26, 2011
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A super dope crunk ski company that exclusively makes twin tips.
Armada skis are super dope crunk!
by Jarrod March 24, 2005
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An offensive word used for anything and everything offensive all at the one time.
Person 1: hey you're such a bitch / slut / loser / tool / nerd / skank / hoe / freak / fatperson.. etc
Person 2: You mean I'm an armada?!?!
Person 1: yeah, pretty much
Person 2: I'm gonna go die in a rectum now.
by emz-n-ez November 23, 2006
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Regiment of asshole feminist (a.k.a feminazis) taking out a walk of protest against dicks who pump them in the midnight.
Sam: Loki don't go to the park today.
Loki: Why bro?
Sam: Cause a boobs armada is passing it today.
by Bed Grammar February 10, 2016
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Small town in Michigan's thumb area where people ages 16 to 28 drive their 90s or 80s pick up truck with a 25" lift on it, also where people get amusement from painting on a rock
"There are so many trucks here, where are we?"
"I see that rock, we must be in Armada Michigan"
by Yalebulldogs5548 February 25, 2016
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A group of people all dressing similarly and just all look like dousches. Hence the dousche armada.
* 5 Guys in Polos and Plaid Shorts walk into a bar*
Guy at bar:Holy crap who invited the dousche armada?
by Dousche Armada Spotter August 11, 2009
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