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Any person who has god-like good looks, a great body, and is killer in bed.
I hooked up with Arjan last night he really lives up to his name in every way.
by Saarak May 18, 2008
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A person that has great looks, that are used to confuse and bewilder the prey of there choice. This individual will drain your bank account and cheat on you any chance that they get. They will use sex to get what they want. They are closely related to hookers on the street.
bank account sucker, syco, succubi, devil, pure evil, arjan
by tagthatstuff March 09, 2009
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A boy that has an excellent sense of humor, shaggy hair, brown eyes, and in the medium zone for height. Is usually excepted by most, but still feels like an outcast. I am Arjan Tafoya and I approve this message because I wrote it.
Guy- what’s everyone laughing at?
Girl- Some joke Arjan made probably
by FreezingTrack June 08, 2018
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Some desperate boy who asks everyone out and doesn't understand when you reject him, he stalks you until you avoid him everyday and feels sorry for himself because he's never had a girlfriend. He then ruins your friendship for ever. a person that doesn't understand what happening even tho hes getting obvious hints and when people try and politely reject him he panics and says he loves you but how would he know?!?!
"Fuck off Arjan"
Smiles and laughs
by Loner55 May 20, 2018
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