A slang word for crack or cocaine saying you have some archie bunker is referring too the bigot archie bunker which means your product is whiter then one of the whitest men in america
i got that archie bunker and its so white i just might charge you double- rick ross
by drobloweyessolow September 1, 2010
America's favorite bigot, the central character on the ground-breaking 1970s sitcom "All in the Family". A blue collar worker, Archie mistakenly assumed African-Americans, Hispanics and other minorities were prospering at his expense.

May also refer to a bigoted individual, e.g. "He's an Archie Bunker".
Archie Bunker: "I got nothin' against mankind. It's people I can't stand."
by MRT2 October 10, 2006
A bigoted lower middle class resident of the United States of America(from the character in All in the Family Who was intolerant of people who were different early in the show)
He was your basic Archie Bunker all around.
is a male pubic hair design that resembles a landing strip. the archie bunker must be no narrower then the shaft of the male apendage and can go as far up the torso as desired
kyle flashed me and he had a kick ass archie bunker
by eric and randy September 22, 2008
A sexual move in which the female puts her feet together, creating a narrow hole from her arches. This is where the man inserts his penis. She then jerks him off using ben gay as a lubricant.
Honey, I have a sore in my mouth and just got a manicure. How 'bout an archie bunker instead?
by rybarezin August 9, 2008
i went over to Robs house and that foo had some archie bunker
by fotweny November 15, 2004
1. Person's favourite easy chair in the home.
2. Seat in a group setting, such as a classroom, where a specific classmate or lay person always sits.

Inspired by the sitcom All in the Family
That guy always sits in that seat where he can plug in his heating pad. Don't sit in his Archie Bunker chair or he'll go slam off.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 March 5, 2013