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Used to add emphysis to the word damn, without taking the Lord's name in vein, used by Christians who curse but don't take the Lord's name in vain.

Origin: Central Virginia circa 2010.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 March 04, 2013
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This is an old fashioned way of simply saying that somebody is lying. Most of the time, the liar is really trying to convince the person of that lie. The lie may be repeated, the liar may argue, and even tell more lies to reinforce the original lie. Beating somebody down to a lie can also be expressed as beating somebody down to a pack of lies, when several different lies are told.
He beat me down to a lie. He said he hadn't been drinking and the whole time he smelled of alcohol so strong you wouldn't believe it. It's really sick how he can be beating somebody down to a lie like he does. I think he has himself convinced he's telling the truth.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 September 23, 2013
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When a male, esp. a male of African ancestry, gives up his virginity

Inspired by All in the Family episode titled Archie's Operation.
This guy said he will not sacrifice the monkey until he's married.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 March 05, 2013
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1. Person's favourite easy chair in the home.
2. Seat in a group setting, such as a classroom, where a specific classmate or lay person always sits.

Inspired by the sitcom All in the Family
That guy always sits in that seat where he can plug in his heating pad. Don't sit in his Archie Bunker chair or he'll go slam off.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 March 05, 2013
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The main character on the 80's cult classic sitcom Mama's Family. Portrayed by Vicki Lawrence as an elderly matriarch in small Midwestern Raytown, Thelma "Mama" was a sharp-tongued bitch who often "belittled anything anythbody tried to do most of all her kids". She had a fiery temper and a very dysfunctional family. She has strained relationships with her family which she has struggled all her life, starting with her late mother, during her marriage which it's suggested her late husband was an alcoholic, and continuing into the presentwith her kids and grandkids. Thelma can often be seen cleaning and cooking in the show. She has an immaculate house with flamingos and furnished with antiques that stayed in excellent condition. But she keeps some kind of Hell going all the time.

Thelma Harper can also refer to any ill-tempered bitch who puts people down unmercifully, especially a middle to old aged woman.
I can't stand her grandmother. She's such a Thelma Harper. She done called me a bum and made comments about my long hair. She even said her dust mop looked better than my head and even proceeded to come up behind me and spray bug spray in my head because she thought I had lice. Bitch don't even know me and she thinks I'm a bum. I can't stand that Thelma Harper bitch!
by mama'sfamilynut1983 April 04, 2013
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When one says that something is a new wrinkle on their butts or asses, it typically means that they have seen or heard some kind of bullshit that doesn't make sense, or is bizarre. The saying is based on the saying that when one learns something new, the brain gets a new wrinkle. However, in such cases, something is so out there that the new wrinkle appears on the ass.
I was watching The Golden Girls. When Rose Nylund talked about the old lady with no smile muscles standing on her head and waving, to make her frown and smile, that was a new wrinkle on my butt. I'm sure the other ladies on the show had new wrinkles on their asses as well.
by mama'sfamilynut1983 October 07, 2013
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