One of the best sitcoms ever made. About Archie Bunker, Edith Bunker, Mike Stivic, and Gloria Stivic.
When you are laying one down on the old lady and you realize your infant son/daughter has awakened and began breast feeding again. You instantly realize that you should not be turned on by this, but you are also aware you are going to shoot your load. You decide at the last second that this may be your only chance at a threesome so you pull out and shoot it on the kid.
Glen's in the doghouse. He pulled an all on the family again. He keeps telling Amy it's an accident but we're all starting to wonder? Woo gets to pull these all the time, but it's different with your mother in law
by HomoJoe May 7, 2007
Snortingly-sarcastic term for a shyster's/villain's huffily acting like he's a conscientious peaceable virtuous caring-about-fellow-humans person who shouldn't be suspected or criticized, when of course in reality he's just a self-centered a**h**e who's totally undeserving of any praise or respect.
A prime example of someone's deciding to use this shameless tactic would be in "The Untouchables" with Kevin Costner --- when Elliot Ness angrily confronts Al Capone on the stairway and accuses him of murdering people and otherwise being a horrid crook, Capone indignantly lashes out right back at Ness for his "talking that way in front of Capone's son"... Ness's feelings would therefore be something like, Capone decided to go all "family man" on me --- how infuriatingly disgusting!
by QuacksO November 7, 2019
A underrated korn song that as a gay person is a banger.
Jon: I gey
Fred: KoRn oN ThE CoB 😑😐😑😐
Garf durt: you better watch your mouth jon
Jon: It's all in the family Garfield
by B2ig November 29, 2022