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Arch, aka Arch Linux is a great Linux distribution for people who want to build their own system from the ground up and are able to RTFM.

It is loved among more advanced linux users for things like its package manager (pacman) and the AUR (Arch User Repository) which contains packages from the community that are not in the main repository.
1. What is the best dis-
2. Arch is best why dont you use it n00b
by nummerGDD June 13, 2019
When you decide to slide your finger across the keyboard qwertyuiop style and also do it backwards, backwards top to bottom, and bottom to top, then repeated in all capitals.
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnmpoiuytrewqlkjhgfdsamnbvcxzzxcvbnmasdfghjklqwertyuiopQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMQWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMPOIUYTREWQLKJHGFDSAMNBVCXZZXCVBNMASDFGHJKLQWERTYUIOP would make no sense anywhere.
by nummerGDD April 1, 2017
that one drink that your friend kel keeps on nagging you about. tastes like a shitty mix of orange juice and coffee. you wonder how he drinks 3 of those a day without developing severe health problems.
"yo, want an orange joe?"
"really? that filth? hard pass."
"more for me, then!"
by nummerGDD October 31, 2021
single digit combo break

used when you get a single digit miss count in a rhythm game.
check it out. i got sdcb on that song you were talking about.
by nummerGDD January 12, 2022
The sole phrase that makes many n00b Linux users install Arch onto their systems, except they make a mistake in partitioning and their system gets cucked.
"What distro do you use?"
"Oh, i use Mi-"
"Oh that is for babies, i use arch btw"
by nummerGDD June 12, 2019