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meaning that during sex you pound away as hard as you can/dare and as many times with no let up for a long duration,normally around an hour and a half.Females will know they have had total ramage as they will never have been fucked like that before ever in life and their va-jay jay will need approx 2 days recovery.WARNING! Total ramage = blue waffle,do it at your own peril
dude 1: so u did u fuck her?
dude 2: not only that,i gave her total ramage
dude 1: sweet
by Mackem13 December 02, 2010
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When your taking a girls panties/knickers down and your not quite sure if she will let you take them all the way off but then she arches her back so to raise her ass up,to give you the all clear
Keith: How did it go with jennifer last night?

Barry: As i went to take her knickers off wasnt sure if she would let me take them right off but then she did the arch

Keith: I miss the arch
by Mackem13 March 21, 2011
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