A person who firmly believes he or she is better than other people. This assumption is based upon positive prejudice and taken up from people believed to be hip. Minor aspects are exaggerated (i.e. I can switch it on with my keyboard), whilst others are disregarded (i.e. I don't need more than one mouse key)
You're such an Apple User. Don't you ever form your own opinion?
Don't be an Apple User. It can be done just as well for less money.
Listen, Apple User, why don't you go home to mummy and have a hot bath?
by TeeJay January 19, 2005
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Someone who has no desire to be better than they are, or use their things and opportunities to the fullest potential.

When presented with any kind of new idea, they STUBBORNLY and IGNORANTLY turn up their noses without any legitimate consideration. Highly Liberal, they have no mind of their own and prefer everything in their lives to be simple and work-free. They prefer a dumbed- down user interface for their devices and hate anything else that allows the user to exceed the standards. They have no sense of the value of money, since they believe in Socialism, Welfare for Illegal Immigrants and others laboring for their money, so they are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that has no audio jack when $140 will buy them an Android phone with limitless capabilities, file management, and open system file transfer. They have no desire to better themselves or the world around them. They hate Android phones because they're "ugly" or other such irrelevant reasons without ever having owned one.(For the record, I HAVE owned both)They think of Android devices as if they are for "hackers"
.When it comes to their taste in computers, anything that exceeds the expectations of the Modern Brainless Millennial like Windows, or Linux is for "Hackers" is "too hard to use". They have no experience with File management, Word processing, Wired sharing, Customization, Touch Typing and other basic things that anyone in the 21st century should know, let alone scripting, coding, or basic coding logic. The Apple User lives on social media.They consider any form of basic scripting, "hacking", but are to ignorant to learn otherwise. They are simply followers without the ability to think for themselves.Don't be an Apple User.Think for yourself.Be willing to TRY SOMETHING NEW. THINK "CAN"

1: Did you hear about Anica?
2: Yeah, she bought an Android phone just for Netflix and nothing else!!!
1: Yeah!?! Doesn't she know it can do SO much more????
2: I know right!!! I tried to show her how to use the file management application, and she told me "she didn't want me 'hacking' her phone"!!!!
1: Wow, LOL does she realize how stupid that is?????
2: No, because she has no desire to learn anything of the sort, and Netflix doesn't teach her that.
1: Yeah, she is SUCH an Apple User
2: OMG i know right.. Such a waste of a phone....
by ANDROID POWER!!! August 18, 2018
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The user of a company named Apple which has the goal to rob all the money from their users which have fallen into their complex trap.
Also, apple devices are mostly used as a status in front of other people.
Apple users are often, but not limited to, called "applefags".
"Yo Joe, look at my new iPhone 12 Pro Max Plus in Gold Edition! It just cost me 3599$!!!!"
"Man, Jamie, you are such an apple user."
by Gamesnic the applemf October 21, 2020
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A person in that 1% of apple users makes their entirety of their personality about apple and won't shut up about it.
John: You should seriously move to apple. It's really great and really better than your shitty android.
Paul: Can you shut up about apple already? You're literally one of that 1% of apple users.
by WolfPlay013 July 26, 2023
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