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The user of a company named Apple which has the goal to rob all the money from their users which have fallen into their complex trap.
Also, apple devices are mostly used as a status in front of other people.
Apple users are often, but not limited to, called "applefags".
"Yo Joe, look at my new iPhone 12 Pro Max Plus in Gold Edition! It just cost me 3599$!!!!"
"Man, Jamie, you are such an apple user."
by Gamesnic the applemf October 21, 2020
A person who calls another person "sus" and decides whether they are annoying because of saying that and delete the message or if people actually still laughed about that.
P1: Bro, you're sus!!!
P2: ...
P3: What did he write?
P1: just a sus joke, he applied Schrödinger's suspicion
by Gamesnic the applemf June 10, 2021