Definitions aside, there was a very suspicous boom in ethnics getting jobs when this conception came into play.

One particular black I once asked on the topic claimed "NAH bruv, that shit is just a coincidence", he has a wife, three children and two cats, now working very hard, residing at a Boots store and being a much appreciated statistic
Interviewer: What makes you think you should get the job here at B'n'Q?

Potential Employee: Well the only reason I can think of is that I'm disabled .. and even though I can't carry out jobs as well as your average enabled man, I'm fully aware that B'n'Q really do need to fill out their criteria of having a certain amount of disabled people

Interviewer: You're wrong ... you are getting the job because you are black (Announcement) Would all of the white employees with good qualifications please leave the B'n'Q store and make way for the disabled black man ...

Asain man: What about me? I'm a bit racial

Interviewer: Errr, sorry what's wrong with you? I don't see any missing limbs, you won't be recieving any positive prejudice goodies today mate
by Willis McGee July 27, 2006
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