-"Want to go on a ride in my low-low?"
-"Hell no. I got Appa."
by Nick Pic July 12, 2008
Appa is a Korean term for dad or daddy.
My appa and umma are too immature I feel like I'm their parent not the other way around.
by Diviana March 25, 2010
Greater than a homie or best friend, someone who is always there for you no matter what.
"You see those guys over there, they my appas. They got my back thru thick & thin unlike your homies."
by Collins Muerte September 23, 2019
A word/phrase that means that you’re very swaggie
by Appa girl July 17, 2021
A Cool Flying Bison who flys places.
Appa flew to Ba-Sing-Se.
by Bot-C October 1, 2006
When you run out of time to take a shower so you have to wash only your arm pits, penis and ass
It was school morning and I haven't showered all weekend so I had to take an APPA
by www.bradyleeray.com April 12, 2016
That which is bigger than normal is a big, and that which is hibernating amongst the normal is Appa tucker...
He: Please go out with me and you will get a free t-shirt.
She: Amma Nee enna avlo periya appa tucker ah?
by Big appa tucker October 2, 2011