What you call a skater with a very loud skateboard.
(Almost sounds like an Apache Helicopter)
Oh look here come Apache Helicopter!

*loud skater comes down the hill*
by A.dog in space.... November 4, 2016
A sexual identify that is unfunny af. When you think that your gender is an A.H your are just unfunny. Its a dead meme.
Question: Do you like donats?
1. Yes! (8%)
2. No! (2%)
3. Apache Helicopter!!!!!11eleven!!! (90%)
by Tinec January 3, 2018
A large metal contraption that people seem to sexually identify as.
"what do you sexually identify as?"
"I identify as an Apache attack helicopter, the fek else you want?"
by Nikachu14 December 9, 2016
The most well known sexual identity of them all, just more secretly so than male and female.
You see that one of there? They identify sexually as an Apache Attack Helicopter
by Flappy The Clown April 12, 2017
When he said he sexually identified as an attack helicopter, it was funny, but when he Apache Attack Helicoptered last night, it made a real mess.
by Dtreeman March 18, 2018
A way for a transphobes to say that they have no fucking idea how gender works
Transphobes:"I identify as an Apache attack helicopter"
Literally everyone else: "damn boy you got the whole squad laughing :||||||||"
by Dawn_Has_Smol_Bren February 19, 2022