Art of Problem Solving. A forum for math enthusiasts, with a forum for an unusually large number of the best math students in the United States and the world.
If you go to AoPS and aren't an USAMO qualifier, prepare to be humbled. AoPS is full of them.
by inquilinekea May 18, 2005
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yo, I have a new boyfriend
already? its been 4 days oml
haha yeah, his aops username is forester2015
by simonicornie March 31, 2021
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AIR OVER POOP: The musty whiff of air that flows over an active turd in the chamber that should have been discharged hours earlier.
Chance Bradshaw was tickling the ivorys in a rockband session and tryed to sneak a fart, unfortunately it was AOP and the whole room evacuated.
by Prefrock March 6, 2011
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Afraid of Pussy, mostly kids who hide in there closet when they realize they are afraid of pussy. even if a hot girl wants to bang they will find any way to find an excuse to go home and hide in their closet
Gerald: yo where has Carlo been at? i havent seen him in mad long
James: fuck that pussy im not calling him anymore
Gerald: why not man?
James: last night he was at Jims party, i rolled mad good dutches shits burned forever and i finished an entire bottle im about simply lemonaide and ciroc anyway Nicole wanted Carlo's dick and he said there was to many people around and they would walk in on them and then he left and hid in his closet like a little girl kid needs to go outside and make friends with the sun, he a bitch
Gerald: hell yeah he really went AOP on that one,little fucking bitch hes probably decorating cupcakes with his grandma.
(awkward silence)
James: i decorate cupcakes with my grandma............
by BurnitbytheOH September 11, 2010
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A forum of gay autists who do meth.
Yo what's your aops?
I'm not gay you faggot.
by threebody135 August 24, 2018
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Appreviation for wordAdminOP/word
by pwn April 3, 2003
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