An Anti-Vaping or Anti-ECigarette person. They fall into three general categories.

1. Self-Interested. These people are usually politicians, lobbyists or involved in industries that lose profit due to E-Cigarettes such as pharmaceutical companies, MRSA or the WHO. They do not believe the bullshit they spout and do so only to further their own agenda with no concern at all for public health.

2. Mis-Informed. Low intelligence is the main culprit here. These idiots actually believe what they read and see in the Media regarding E-Cigarettes and then go on a rampage against them based entirely on faulty data. These morons fall into the same family as the dullards who fell for the DHMO Dihydrogen Monoxide prank and the Neanderthals that hang about outside court houses throwing rocks at defendants who have yet to be tried (and are thus still innocent).

3. Smokers. This attitude is probably the most reprehensible. Smokers who believe the only valid way to administer nicotine to the bloodstream is by inhaling carcinogenic tobacco smoke. Any other method is viewed by them as degenerate. These twats also seem deluded into thinking using E-Cigarettes is a method of quitting, without having the brain power to comprehend the truth, that it is an alternative not a cure.
Hey, have you seen the bullshit in today's paper claiming vaping gives you Herpes? God damn Antz are at it again.
by Nick-N March 2, 2016
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A 3-D cartoon protesting the placement of the colony above the individual. Rated PG-13.
by Diggity Monkeez May 15, 2005
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Antz is the second hypeman in the most amazing band EVER, Brokencyde. He also controls the lights and fog during their shows. His brother is the lead singer Mikl.
Antz is the one who makes the shows all sessy cuz he does the lights and fog and makes the bands set look hella dope.
by Vanessa.BC13 Motherfucker. January 3, 2010
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got beef with mali strip and the agro albos did high knees.
"wagwan" DJ ANTZ
by londontrouble June 29, 2021
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by LEGALTEAM October 27, 2022
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