A person who holds the view that organized religion when considered throughout the centuries has been a destructive force in society, wrongly believed is that all are also agnostics or atheists, but a great number of faithful theists also see organized religion as harmful to society and choose to follow their own path to god.
when considering the crusades, September the 11th, the holocaust and the Spanish inquisition the anti-theist concluded that religion had caused great harm to society.
by hairy_palms May 17, 2007
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Actively opposes a belief in gods of any sort and to institutions built around belief in a deity. They believe that religion is harmful to individuals and society and that it impedes scientific progress and encourages immoral acts.
An anti-theist may see religious harm in the brainwashing of children, faith healing, circumcision, holy wars, terrorism, the inquisition, blood sacrifice, and discrimination against homosexuals and women.
by kookycole May 26, 2012
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A person whom realizes the harm religion has caused and is still continuously causing to humanity and actively opposes it.
Anti-theists tend to be predominantly atheists,agnostics,deists,pantheists and spiritualists.
Most notable anti-theists/militant atheists:
Richard Dawkins
Christopher Hitchens
Sam Harris
David Silverman
Thomas Jefferson
Madalyn Murray O'Hair
by Znk666 June 05, 2012
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A bigot. One who is not a scientist nor holds anything more than one bachelor's degree. A hypocrite who is religiously bigoted but criticizes others for being religiously bigoted. One who delusionally says God is imaginary, when He is not, as science proves. A troll.
Anti-theist: You are so stupid for believing in an imaginary, non-existent being. You will never see your dead loved ones again - deal with it!
by drmike7762 March 07, 2015
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One who not only rejects the existence of God(s) but in addition opposes organised religions, especially monotheisms of Abrahamic tradition, believing them to be inherently deleterious to the human condition. With particular regard to human rights, scientific progress, education, democracy, public health and individualism.
The reasons for my anti-theist belief are numerous, but the most important of these is the incompatibility of verifiable empirical fact and untestable articles of blind faith, rendering wilful misinformation, as being the most serious offence of theism.
by Corvusmox July 23, 2017
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Rachel: Hey, what religion do you think has the most hypocritical adherents on the internet?
Mohammed: Oh, definitely anti-theists. Those guys are crazy obnoxious zealots.
Carlos: Yeah, these is something just extra obnoxious and intolerant about people that don't believe in something but still feel the need to go out of their way to evangelize.
by Overeducated March 24, 2016
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