To have a intense and extreme hate towards the human species.
When someone hates or despises the human species (not personally like personally like based on their personality but just to hate humans) they are anti-humanity.
by Kwamii June 9, 2009
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Anti-human. When you realize that everyone, including your self is an idiot and an NPC. (see. NPC: Non-Player Character)

Anything that is contrary to self autonomy, self sovereignty, free will and the general spirit of life, freedom, true joy and the human endeavour.

any device or system ( including current devices and systems) put in place or exploited to limit the potential of humanity

examples: Taxation, culture, government, indoctrination, 5G, lack of protection from EMF waves, testing biological agents on the public. Public experimentation, experimentation on soldiers.The manipulation of the money supply. The manipulation of the food supply. The manipulation of markets. The lack of a "Real Free market" The manipulation of biologic and socioeconomic factors. Lobbying, corporations,priests, politicians, police and all forms of authority. Institutionalized power and authority. The Media.Lies; falsehoods. All forms of de-humanization. Selfish action,thought or deed. Indulging in self. self- indulgence. indulgence in ego. Ego mind. Egotism.Entropic and centrifugal feelings, thoughts, emotions or actions instead of negentropic and centripetal feelings, thoughts, emotions or actions. Self destructive instead of self sustaining.

adhering to Victim/Oppressor roles, attitudes and dichotomies

Othering people. Viewing people as "other" or "other than themselves". Prejudice; the heart of racism.

Hating humanity because of all of the above ^
I'm so Anti-Human bro. Anti-Humanity, its the new enlightenment. Anti-human because fuck people. Humanity is so man look at history. Look at all those anti-humans over there! Typical anti-human... Anti-humans are a foreign installation. For Anti-humans compassion is only self pity in disguise. There are so many NPC's so many anti-humans.
by dadbofor February 28, 2019
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A person who says they hate humans, and claims to be from another planet or universe.
-Ugh. Humans are so stupid!

-Ha! You humans are something else, it sure is a good thing I'm from Uranus.

-Sorry, human food makes me sick. I'm an Alien.

-Sarah:"Jeff swears he's from another galaxy"
Annie:"Yeah, he told me that he'll never marry a stupid human girl."
Sarah"He's such an Anti-Human Poser."
by No_username_available June 17, 2011
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