An infamous pet eater; Also a godlike legend on the game RuneScape. Prefers dog meat over cat meat
Holy shit its Entropic pick up your pets and bank them!@!@!
by Butt Pickles August 3, 2010
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Actions that are spontaneous or sudden. Derived from the word "entropy", meaning disorder.
*Tuesday night @ midnightt*
I: Hey, let's go to Vegas tonight?
E: Yeah fuck it, why not.

*Next day*
I: That shit was hella entropous.
by Papilingus October 25, 2011
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One of the best bands to came out of the Long Island, New York indie scene in the early 2000's. Their sound was somewhere between The Smiths, Joy Division and The Police. They had a small, cult following, label interest and favorable reviews in the American and English press. Sadly, following a tour of the United States, the band imploded.
Entrope would have been bigger than Brand New or Taking Back Sunday if they had only managed to stay together for longer than 2 years.
by JC Pierce May 3, 2008
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A person who does nothing to be anti-entropic. Since taking intelligent actions or improving anything is against the flow of entropy, a person who does nothing of value is an entrope.
Dude, Scott hever leaves his X-box from wake to crash, he's such an entrope.
by twajjo January 8, 2012
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Two friends who decide to stay friends but to ravish each other in the case that both are lonely and want each other's sexual flesh.
Jane, I want your sweet, sweet body. Will you entrope with me?
by Feenix July 29, 2004
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Extra Terestrial manipulation of human consciousness via the use of several types of open source code and matrix mathematics uploaded onto high jacked ET fleet ships. This is the transformation of Jesus in a nut shell. Also known in the Ascension or Light worker community as the zero point. Dumping you, the human out as the dark matter dead of space, where you attain the metaphoric temperature of absolute zero. A vibrational all stop.
by 1 J. June 28, 2018
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