A common, over the counter painkiller.

In the United States it is called acetaminophen.

Both versions are abbreviations of
"I have a headache, would you please get me a paracetamol tablet"
by Mr. Para C. Tamol December 6, 2008
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some wack ass medicine that my english friend told me about it’s probably not real
apparently it got banned in usa bc people thought it caused cancer
im a leo tho🤔
by frogsupremacy June 6, 2021
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When your ill you take paracetamol like every stupid 4 hours.
Dick: Woah im ill need to take another paracetamol..

Fanny: Woah dick... are you paracetamolling?
by pashley November 26, 2008
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It refers to a person that is not truly feeling the pain behind it all.


A lyric in a Declan McKenna song.
Person 1: She has a Paracetamol smile.

Person 2: So tell me what's on your mind, and don't forget your Paracetamol smile.
by tupacbiggybiggy April 17, 2019
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overdosing on paracetamol
ella- did u hear he paracetamol od
by leah___ September 30, 2020
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A Parasaurolophus dinosaur that is riding on a skateboard.
Oh look, that T. Rex is so much uglier than the Paracetamol
by TotallyNotHelga November 9, 2022
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