An ant is not as big as an elephant though it has more legs and both are considered intelligent.
If an elephant trod on an ant, the ant would become non-existent. I hope you do not consider this irrelevant.

by Jonathan FeBland (Znethru) October 6, 2006
six-legged little creatures that are fun to torture and kill in creative ways (like decapitating them with an electric razor), and if you don't they will come in your house and steal your food and run you out.
My bathroom is full of the corpses of ants who tried to take my toothpaste.
by cmkrcs1 December 5, 2004
another name for a series disease. when we get this, we will have to live in a CDC tent in Kori's room. while her uncle throws biscuits at us through the door!
AHH! I have ants!
by Xena1494 November 26, 2009
American Comedian who rose to prominece on Last Comic Standing. He is the host of Vh1's Celebrity Fit Club. In 2008 he co-hosted ABC's Wanna Bet.
ANT has a new series on the Logo network called The U.S of ANT.
by Brenderrrrrrrrr December 18, 2008
To go to a roof of a building (usually parking lot) and look at all the thingns around and the small, ant-like, people below.
Yo yo come Anting with me tmrw broski
by georgetheboi420 March 10, 2018
`AnT is an online player whom is hated by many,he likes to go around posting stupid .Gifs and starting flame wars, he is also a blatent scammer, if you see him on mIRC be sure to try ddos him and have unneccesary flame directed towards him
by `AnT April 26, 2009
stands for "aint no thang" meaning its not a big deal. usually used when joking around with friends.
yeah i just climbed up a mountain all by myself, ANT
by shannondeezy December 4, 2010