anne is unemployed, young, artistic, has adhd and can't concentrate on literally anything.
girl 1: is that the new girl, anne?
girl 2: aha yea. she's constantly doing something, she's weird
girl 1: gross
by yuhh😼 July 22, 2020
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So hot , beautiful, and cute. She is a snack of course
Anne is hot
by Francess October 27, 2019
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How do I even start about Anneliese? Anneliese is a smart and incredible girl. She is like a sister to you. She makes you smile, and laugh when your sad, and helps you will your problems. She is amazing inside and out, and always will be. She will never let you down or leave you no matter what, she’ll be there for you. She gives you food when your dying of starvation and talk to you at 6 in the morning if she has to. Make sure you get a best friend like Anneliese.
Anne is an amazing friend!
via giphy
by @yellow! November 02, 2019
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From Anne of Green Gables. Coined in thus usage by Twitter user @Kjl190

The opposite of a Karen.

A completely unproblematic, sweetheart of a white woman who would only ask to see your manager to suggest they give you a break or a promotion.

See also: Sweet Anne, Darling Anne
Person 1: I heard you weren't feeling so good, so I made you some brownies.

Person 2: Thank you, Sweet Anne.


Person 1: Have you met Sheila?

Person 2: Awww yeah, she's such an Anne!
by TheLockedown April 28, 2020
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Anne is a smart loving person. She likes to have fun with her friends but is a troublemaker. She will go out of her way to do something special for someone. Cons about her: she is very clumsy, trips and falls in front of her crushes a lot, and can make the worst farts that can smell up rooms for hours. But, overall, she has a wonderful personality and is an amazing friend
Boy #1: Woah is that Anne?
*Anne trips and falls in front of boy #1*
Boy #1: Anne, are you okay?
*Anne farts, which leaves a nasty scent in the hallway*
Boy #2: Ew!
*Anne starts to run for her life*
by yeetusmyfeetus1047 June 25, 2019
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A girl that has that sweet christian coochie
Man i want a slice of that anne
by Big boi7854 December 21, 2018
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