Smartest,cutest,most nicest girl you could meet!To me she is Everything,The world.You would be lucky like me to have a girl named Annabella.The name itself means life...
Guy 1:Dude I'm gonna ask Annabella out!
Guy 2:Then you'll be holding life in hands!
by ImnotThatmean April 08, 2018
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A teen girl who doesn’t take herself seriously. Cracks jokes at the wrong times and has no shame for herself. She may seem cool on the outside but I assure you she is a weirdo and maybe even a bit of a nerd. She talks about the most random topics to her best friends and always appreciates a good laugh. Sometimes she teases her friends but on the inside she is caring and always stands up for or supports them. She gets along with most people easily and is quite a positive person overall.
“Annabella is so funny
“Annabella is so weird but in a good way
by November 18, 2020
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Hot sexy girl who all the boys want, needs a buff boyfriend to take care of her, hottest girl possibly in the world!
Person 1: omg that annabella girl is so hot!
Person 2: nahh man! Give up! That sexy thaing is way above your level!!!!!!
by Beast 136647485 February 23, 2017
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Annabella is the nicest friend you’ll ever have, she is also the best girlfriend you’ll ever have,She will be there for you no matter what .she is really outgoing when you first meet her.She loves making new friends and she literally talks to everyone,Annabella has long brown hair and deep brown eyes her smile can make anyone feel better.if you ever date an Annabella you will be the luckiest person in the world ,she will care for you,and be there for you and she will love so much.And if you ever marry a Annabella she will be the best wife ever,you and her will grow old and have the beautifulest kids ever and you guys will be the cutest couple ever,Annabella’s love exploring ,she loves going to beaches and she loves traveling,And if she truly loves you she might love you forever,Annabella’s are really over protective of there hubby or boyfriend,so if you ever talk to her hubby or boyfriend just know that she has an eye on you,so be careful.
Omg is that Annabella I really want to talk to her

Damn Annabella is so nice I wanna be friends with her forever
by Lilylover June 20, 2019
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Annabella is based of of my best friend and they can be so kind, smart, amazing, sweet, generous and their smile makes the day go brighter an the night go longer my best friend Annabella she is the best and if u try and steal her boyfriend she has an eye on you love u bell
Girl: Woah is that Annabella I really wanna be besties with her
Girl: Ikr I heard the are amazing
by lonodon101010 April 15, 2021
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A person who loves samir. Even though she denys him, in her heart she loves him and will do ANYTHING FOR HIM!
Hey annabella want to come over here and play with samirs hard drive?
by CptSamir February 06, 2008
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Annabella is the fucking satan
-Omg do u hear for Annabella?
-Oh yea she is satanic.
by lavaNdeRx6 November 15, 2019
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