When people fuck like animals. Having some savage ass sex, like non-stop penetrating action. When two or more people just fuck past morning light into the next night. When 2 or more people turn into a beast in bed. This generally happens after a person goes several weeks or months with out sex.
Yo Jack and Jane fucked like Monkeys, they just fucked, and fucked, and fucked.
by Erectus Maximus April 4, 2004
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A Name or action that reminds you of a sex dungeon, but anime. Widely known as an insult across certain discords. If you see an anime profile picture, feel free to use this graciously.
Dorgeon sounds like an Anime Sex Dungeon, Wow, Adam is kinda an Anime Sex Dungeon.
by AdamIsAFurry+ November 16, 2019
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Sex that typically takes place when one or both parties are completely wasted, and usually involves a female who is less than a girlfriend/wife, although it may be an opportunity to freak a prudish significant other. Activities during farm animal sex include bending said female's limbs in a manner not originally intended, to access atypical positions, and may or may not involve consensual or 'accidental' use of taboo orifices. Usually leads to excessive soreness and vague questions about the previous night's activities from said female.
Susy and I hooked up after drinking a bottle of Absinthe at the St. Patty's Day parade and had some serious farm animal sex that almost dislocated both her hips.
by lost crow March 1, 2008
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to fuck violently and at an excessive rate, ie as if you were a cheetah.
whats up my dude i had some fucking dank rapid animal sex with slime tony last night
by ragingerecshun69 October 9, 2015
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A term someone calls another person:

1. When someone does something impressive, unexpected or crazy they’re a sex animal.

2. When someone gets with someone out of their league it makes them a sex animal.
1. I didn’t know you could do a backflip! Damn, you’re a sex animal.

2. No way you got with her bro! You’re a sex animal!
by JuicedWRLD999 September 3, 2020
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Person who likes, or actively thinks about sex or is a sex freak vs. someone who doesn’t
Ive been a sex animal since I was 12”
by Saby12 October 2, 2021
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a. some good hard-core fuckin.

b. flat out good sex, with not a care in the world for anything else during that time.
Jessie: man, I just need to relax.

James: No. What you need is Crazy animal monkey sex!

Jessie: Ya, that too I guess
by Jemberly December 22, 2011
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