A very funny, caring, smart, athletic, cute, loving, loyal, and trustworthy boy. He enlightens everyones day and is an amazing person overall.
by Heierueiddnekje October 23, 2019
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A guy with a big dick
A guy WHO is clever
A guy WHO is perfekt
Anil is the best person in this world
by Coolperson3000 January 2, 2017
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1. Well-matured, undoubtedly sexy, easy-going male. Many people envy his calibre and well looked after looks. Finally an ego that is to be noticed and a distinguished smell that purely signifies his character.

2. Another word for drunk, hammered, get licked etc...
Eg. Girls....I have a confession....I wish my boyfriend was like Anil!

Eg. Fuck it...I'm gettin Anil tonight!
by Stallion1 June 21, 2009
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(N) The indigo plant or the blue dye obtained from it. It can also be and indigo dye that is made synthetically.
Anil in only ever used in Scrabble by people who have way too big a vocabulary... or a dictionary on hand.

I accidentally spilled the Anil all over; it never did come out of the carpet.
by RedFaux February 20, 2014
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Sweetest, most loving cupcake ever. Best boyfriend anyone can ask for.
Anil is the sweetest cupcake ever.
by SayangShalini April 18, 2021
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Anil means Squirrel in tamil and also used to call brainless and lazy people
Doctor:Dei Anil Vijay uh operation theatre ulla eanda nadanthutu irukka kirukku koothi
by BHAIRAVAA November 4, 2021
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1)Means squirrel/chipmunk in tamil
2)Refers to actor Joseph Vijay
Vijay:Peru Joseph Vijay, Pondatti peru Vanitha, ooru karachi, All Arealayum Aiyaa thayoli Da......

Sangeetha(Vijay's Wife):Dei anilu!
Vijay: Sorry Sangee ma, nakku slip ayiduchu
Sangeetha:Poda Kundi Nakki Vijay anilu
by BHAIRAVAA November 4, 2021
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